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In 1996, looking to start his own business, Blaise Ingoglia decided to escape the high tax, high regulatory environment of New York City and take a chance.  So, with only $1,600 in his pocket, Blaise left NY in search of a better life and moved to Spring Hill, FL. 

In 1998 he founded America One Mortgage, his first small business in Hernando County. This company was dedicated to helping new home buyers achieve the "American Dream" of owning their first home. In 2001 he founded Hartland Homes, a home building company that focused on delivering quality homes at affordable prices to the Spring Hill market. Since then, Blaise has founded several other companies including a marketing company, a real estate company and a software company. 

Blaise became politically active in 2007 when property taxes skyrocketed. That year he founded and produced "Government Gone Wild", a series of live seminars designed to show Hernando residents, in layman's terms, exactly what our local government was doing with our tax dollars. At those seminars he criticized both political parties for reckless spending while over-taxing our families and small businesses.  In an effort to provide much needed tax relief, Blaise organized and led more than 600 people at the Hernando County budget meetings demanding a property tax cut.   

They did not cut enough.

During the 2008 elections Blaise kept his promise to continually look out for Hernando County taxpayers when he spent more than $40,000 of his own money to wage a successful campaign to unseat the career, big government, tax and spend county commissioners from office that refused to offer property tax relief.

Since then, Blaise has become increasingly active in politics and public policy while advocating for a smaller, less intrusive government. His YouTube videos have been watched over 7 million times including the award winning "Brother Can You Spare A Trillion" that has been viewed over 5.2 million times. You can watch the video here.

Today, he is running for State Representative to help our families and small businesses in Florida remain prosperous in face of an ever growing and ever intrusive Federal government.  

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